LG CNS Collaborates with XYZ Robotics to Enhance Warehouse Robotics Business

LG CNS, a leading technology solutions provider, has partnered with XYZ Robotics, an artificial intelligence-based robotics solution company, to strengthen its warehouse robotics business. The collaboration aims to leverage XYZ Robotics’ expertise in 3D visions and grippers, which are vital components in robotic systems.

The focus of this partnership is to introduce robotics solutions in logistics centers across South Korea. LG CNS plans to implement palletizing robots, which efficiently pick up and stack various goods onto cargo pallets, depalletizing robots, which transport goods from cargo carriers to conveyor belts, and piece picking robots, which handle individual goods for packaging and sorting.

In line with this collaboration, LG CNS recently unveiled its Robot Integrated Operation Platform. This platform enables logistics center operators to seamlessly manage a wide range of robots through a single interface. By integrating XYZ Robotics’ solutions into the platform, LG CNS will enhance the capabilities of its Integrated Robot Operation Platform.

Additionally, LG CNS will provide Robotics as a Service (RaaS) to its customers. This flexible subscription model allows businesses to access all robotics solutions offered by the platform on a pay-as-you-go basis, enabling cost-effective adoption and scalability.

To kickstart the collaboration, LG CNS and XYZ Robotics have initiated a project to incorporate palletizing and depalletizing robots into e-commerce logistics centers in South Korea. As the venture progresses, the companies aim to expand their operations to encompass a broader range of logistics facilities.

This partnership between LG CNS and XYZ Robotics highlights the growing importance of robotics technology in the logistics industry. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and robotics, businesses can enhance efficiency, productivity, and automation in warehouse operations.

– 3D visions: Technologies that enable robots to perceive and interpret their surroundings in three dimensions, similar to human visual perception.
– Grippers: Devices attached to robotic arms that can grasp and manipulate objects.
– Palletizing robots: Robots designed to pick up a variety of goods and arrange them onto cargo pallets.
– Depalletizing robots: Robots that unload goods from cargo carriers and move them to other locations such as conveyor belts.
– Piece picking robots: Robots specialized in picking up individual items for tasks like packaging and sorting.

– LG CNS official announcement, September 17, 2021