Kognitos: Making Programming Accessible through Natural Language

Binny Gill, CEO and Founder of Kognitos, has a strong background in computer science and a passion for making programming more accessible to a wider audience. With close to 100 patents to his name, Gill recognizes that programming has not become any easier over the years, despite advancements in technology. This realization led to the genesis of Kognitos, a platform focused on empowering individuals to instruct computers using natural language.

The platform’s inner workings revolve around a first-of-its-kind interpreter for natural language code. Kognitos is the world’s first automation platform built entirely in English, allowing users from various backgrounds, including highly technical developers, financial analysts, and even high-school graduates processing invoices, to leverage the same automation tool. By avoiding the need for translation into coding languages like Python, Kognitos reduces the time required to build automation and enables users to apply their domain-specific knowledge to handle exceptions and teach the platform.

In terms of machine learning algorithms, Kognitos combines its interpreter with Language Model Machines (LLMs) to enhance its capabilities. This combination allows for conversational exception handling, where errors are presented to the user in a way that can be understood and resolved using English commands. Kognitos leverages various models, such as GPT 3.5, GPT 4, and Palm 2, to facilitate this process. As users handle exceptions, the platform learns and adapts without the need for extensive training.

What sets Kognitos apart from its competition is its focus on democratizing automation. By eliminating the need for highly trained developers and data scientists, the platform reduces maintenance costs and empowers business users to be directly involved in the automation process. While technical users can still build automations as part of the governance process, the handling of exceptions becomes the responsibility of the subject matter experts. This shift significantly reduces costs and enables strong ROI cases for automations in areas such as Finance, Accounting, HR, and supply chain.

Gill’s background in cloud software has influenced his vision for Kognitos, as the platform leverages the benefits of cloud-based technologies. It provides scalability, accessibility, and ease of deployment, allowing businesses to seamlessly integrate Kognitos into their existing systems.

Kognitos represents a step forward in making programming more accessible and efficient for businesses across industries. By bridging the gap between natural language and coding, the platform empowers users to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and explore new possibilities in automation.

– Interview with Binny Gill, CEO and Founder of Kognitos.