Just Who is Mimi and Why is She Wearing Dune Bathys?

The Focal Bathys headphones have gained widespread popularity since their release in October 2022. Despite their high price point of $699 USD, these wireless headphones have become a common sight in airports, cafes, and commuting. While some may argue that the market for high-end headphones is niche, the visibility of the Bathys headphones suggests otherwise.

Focal recently announced an update to their app, and there was some concern among enthusiasts and editors that this might affect the performance of the Bathys headphones. The Bathys is considered a game-changer in the wireless headphone market, with its exceptional sound quality and effective active noise cancellation (ANC) that doesn’t compromise the audio experience.

The latest update to the Bathys includes a new color option and a sound personalization system. The new color, called Dune, offers a more subtle and modern look compared to the original black and silver design. The app update introduces Mimi sound personalization, a feature that allows users to customize their listening experience based on their unique hearing ability.

The Mimi sound personalization feature requires a brief test in which the listener distinguishes beeps from a background of white noise. The results of the test are then utilized to create a customized sound profile for the individual. This feature sets Focal apart from other brands that offer sound personalization and is likely to become a common feature in the future.

Users can take the sound personalization test as often as they like and store multiple profiles for different listeners. The app also allows users to share profiles between devices, making it convenient for those who switch between smartphones and tablets. Additionally, users have the option to adjust the intensity of the personalized sound profile using a slider.

In conclusion, Focal’s Bathys headphones continue to make waves in the high-end wireless headphone market. With the introduction of a new color option and the innovative sound personalization feature, these headphones offer a premium listening experience tailored to each individual’s hearing ability.

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