José Hernández’s “Five-Ingredient Recipe” for Success

Former NASA astronaut José Hernández has shared the guiding principles that have led to his successful career. Passed down by his parents, who worked as migrant farmworkers, Hernández’s “five-ingredient recipe” consists of: defining your purpose in life, recognizing your current position, obtaining a roadmap to reach your goals, preparing yourself for the challenges ahead, and working hard. Hernández, of Mexican descent, adds a sixth ingredient to the mix: perseverance.

In the biopic A Million Miles Away, directed by Alejandra Márquez Abella, Michael Peña portrays Hernández. The film follows Hernández’s journey from working in the fields of Southern California to becoming a mission specialist on the International Space Station in 2009. Hernández hopes that the film effectively conveys the power of his guiding principles.

Hernández emphasizes that his success would not have been possible without the support and sacrifices of his family, particularly his wife Adela. He encourages others to seek moral support and not be afraid to accept help when pursuing their dreams.

He also acknowledges the natural doubt that may arise when embarking on new endeavors and views such doubts as an opportunity to work even harder. He believes that facing imposter syndrome and internal insecurities pushes individuals to achieve more.

Hernández takes pride in seeing others, such as Katya Echazarreta, the first Mexican-born woman to go to space, achieve their dreams. Hernández was part of the selection process that sent Echazarreta on a space mission with Blue Origin in 2022.

Reflecting on his own space flight, Hernández describes the awe-inspiring experience of seeing Earth as a tiny speck in the grand universe. A Million Miles Away, the biopic of his life, is currently available on Amazon Prime.

Sources: Remezcla