IonQ Will Present Keynote at Quantum World Congress 2023

IonQ, a leading quantum computing company, has announced its participation in the Quantum World Congress 2023. The international conference aims to bring together experts and stakeholders in the quantum ecosystem to explore the potential of quantum technology and accelerate its growth.

During the event, IonQ’s President & CEO, Peter Chapman, and Co-founder & CTO, Jungsang Kim, will deliver a keynote address titled “Getting Ready for the Era of Quantum Advantage Capable Computers” on September 27th at 9:40 a.m. ET. This presentation will provide valuable insights into IonQ’s product roadmap and strategies for success in the quantum computing era.

The keynote will cover essential topics such as how to become a frontrunner in the current quantum era and beyond. IonQ will also make exciting announcements regarding its product roadmap, including upgrades and a major new product launch. Additionally, the company will emphasize the importance of gaining access to quantum-advantage capable systems as soon as possible.

This is an opportunity for researchers, innovators, legislators, and industry experts to engage with IonQ and discuss the future of quantum computing. With the rapid advancements in this field, it is crucial for organizations to stay informed and prepared for the quantum advantage era.

To attend the keynote and learn more about IonQ’s vision for the future, interested individuals are encouraged to register for the event. IonQ is eager to connect with professionals from across the quantum computing ecosystem and collaborate on shaping a promising future for customers and partners.

– Quantum computing: A field of computing that leverages principles of quantum mechanics to perform complex calculations at significantly higher speeds compared to classical computers.
– Quantum advantage: The point at which a quantum computer can solve a computational problem faster than a classical computer.
– Product roadmap: A strategic plan that outlines the development and release of a company’s products or services over a specific period.

Source: IONQ Inc. on September 18, 2023 (unpublished)