Introducing Innovation Works’ Robotics Factory Scale Residency Program

Innovation Works’ Robotics Factory in Pittsburgh is excited to announce the launch of its new Scale Residency program. This year-long program aims to support the growth and commercialization of young robotics companies. Participants will receive expert guidance in design, prototyping, testing, and manufacturing to help them succeed in the industry.

The Robotics Factory is funded by the $62.7 million Build Back Better Regional Challenge federal grant, which was awarded to the Southwestern Pennsylvania New Economy Collaborative in September 2022. The Scale Residency is part of the Robotics Factory’s Create, Accelerate, and Scale programs, all designed to empower robotics entrepreneurs and make them self-sufficient in the field.

Leading the Robotics Factory programming is Kevin Dowling, a well-known figure in the local tech industry. Additionally, the Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN) will provide additional support to participants. PRN’s interim executive director, Jenn Apicella, believes that this program will give participants a competitive edge in the robotics industry and help them prepare for increased production and market demands.

To ensure a successful launch, the Robotics Factory will only work with four companies for its pilot year. Applications for the first cohort are open until October 6th.

This initiative aims to support the growing robotics industry in Pittsburgh and foster innovation and collaboration among entrepreneurs. By providing resources, guidance, and a supportive network, the Robotics Factory hopes to position these companies for success in the fast-growing market of automation technologies.

– Innovation Works (Pittsburgh)
– Pittsburgh Robotics Network (PRN)