Insights on Hemp, Inc.’s CBD Health and Wellness Product Line

Hemp, Inc. is set to make an appearance in the Quantum Energy, Health, and Information Call to discuss the benefits of its CBD health and wellness product line. The Creative Visionary Consultant of the company, Bruce Perlowin, will be leading the live broadcast to shed light on how these products can enhance your everyday health routine. Perlowin emphasizes the superior quality and potency of Hemp, Inc.’s CBD offerings, highlighting the stark contrast between their products and competitors in the market.

One common issue with many CBD products in the United States is that they contain minimal amounts of beneficial ingredients, rendering them ineffective beyond the placebo effect. Hemp, Inc.’s analysis of published clinical trials revealed that significant results were observed at CBD levels of 150 milligrams and CBG levels of 50 milligrams. Consistent and non-improved results were found at CBD levels of 250 milligrams and CBG levels of 83.34 milligrams. Hemp, Inc.’s CBD products contain 7,500 milligrams of CBD and 2,500 milligrams of CBG in a one-ounce bottle, providing users with an optimal dosage.

It is important to note that while in vitro studies have shown that certain cannabinoids, including CBDA, CBGA, and CBD, have the potential to inhibit the Coronavirus, the concentrations used in these studies cannot be achieved in vivo. Therefore, Hemp, Inc. refrains from making any medical claims regarding the efficacy of their products against the virus.

Hemp, Inc.’s product line includes CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, and CBN, all derived from hemp and known for their therapeutic properties. The company stands out by using pharmaceutical-grade beta-cyclodextrin in combination with cannabinoids, ensuring rapid absorption and efficacy. One standout product is the CBD/CBG coffee enhancer, which offers a highly potent and competitively priced option for consumers seeking a premium coffee experience.

To access these highly potent and absorbable CBD products, visit Hemp, Inc.’s e-portal. Their product lineup includes a CBD-CBG Topical Pain Relief Roll-on, CBD/CBG Natural Coffee Enhancers, CBD/CBG Tinctures, and CBDa/CBGa/CBD/CBG/CBN Capsules. With over 14 years of experience in hemp cultivation and processing, Hemp, Inc. has contributed significantly to the CBD market.

The Quantum Energy, Health, and Information Call, which has been running for 5 years, aims to share valuable insights on utilizing quantum energy to improve health and well-being. The broadcast has featured experts from various fields who provide cutting-edge information to dispel myths and help participants make informed decisions about their health.

Hemp, Inc.’s commitment to using high-quality ingredients and advanced manufacturing processes sets them apart. Their CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, and CBN product lines have garnered positive reviews. In particular, their CBD/CBG coffee enhancer offers a potent and affordable alternative to other options on the market.

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