Indiana University of Pennsylvania Students Gain Valuable Medical Experience through Summer Internship

Two Indiana University of Pennsylvania biology majors, Catherine Martsolf and Noah Mattingly, have recently completed the Pre-Med Undergraduate Summer Internship at Indiana Regional Medical Center. The eight-week internship offers students the opportunity to shadow physicians and gain experience in various medical specialties.

Catherine Martsolf, a pre-medicine biology and economics major from Clinton, and Noah Mattingly, a biology pre-medicine major from Harleysville, made the most of their summer by immersing themselves in the medical field. The internship program allowed them to observe physicians in different specialties each week, giving them a well-rounded understanding of the medical profession.

Shadowing physicians is an essential part of a pre-med student’s education. It provides them with firsthand experience in a clinical setting, allowing them to witness the day-to-day responsibilities of medical professionals. By observing physicians from various specialties, Martsolf and Mattingly were able to gain insight into different areas of medicine and potentially explore their own interests and career paths.

The Pre-Med Undergraduate Summer Internship at Indiana Regional Medical Center is a valuable opportunity for biology majors interested in pursuing a career in medicine. Not only does it provide students with hands-on experience, but it also allows them to network with professionals in the field and gain mentorship from experienced physicians.

Completing this internship is an important milestone for Martsolf and Mattingly as they work towards their goal of becoming physicians. The knowledge and experience gained during this program will undoubtedly serve as a strong foundation for their future medical careers.

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