Huron Regional Medical Center Expands Orthopedic Surgical Services with Robotic-Assisted Surgery

Huron Regional Medical Center (HRMC) has announced the expansion of its orthopedic surgical services to include robotic-assisted surgery for total knee and hip replacements. The addition of this technology aims to enhance the precision of implant placement, leading to greater comfort and improved post-operative experiences for patients.

Dr. Kevin Hofer, a recently joined orthopedic surgeon at HRMC, trained on and utilized robotic technology during his residency at the University of Kansas. He will be joining Dr. Todd Anderson in expanding the orthopedic services at HRMC, and both surgeons will utilize robotics for many total knee and hip replacements.

The procedure is similar to traditional hip and knee surgeries, but with the use of robotic assistance, doctors are able to achieve a more precise implant placement. Prior to surgery, a CT scan generates a 3D model of the joint anatomy, which is then used to personalize and plan the surgical approach. During the surgery, the surgeon remains in complete control of the robot, which does not operate independently or move unless prompted by the surgeon. Optical trackers and cameras provide the surgeon with accurate awareness of the location of the hip or knee in space.

Dr. Kevin Hofer explains that the use of robotics aids in achieving more precise implant placement and assists in making bony cuts. The goal is to decrease pain during recovery and expedite the rehabilitation process.

Erick Larson, president and CEO of HRMC, expresses his excitement about bringing this advanced technology to Huron and expanding the orthopedic services. He emphasizes the hospital’s commitment to providing the best technology and highest level of care to the community.

To celebrate the introduction of the new technology, the public is invited to a reception at the HRMC Physicians Clinic on Tuesday, September 19. Dr. Hofer and Dr. Anderson will provide a special presentation on Mako Smart Robotic total knee and hip replacements at 5:30 p.m. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn more about the benefits of this innovative surgical approach.

– Huron Regional Medical Center
– University of Kansas
– HRMC Physicians Clinic