How to Get into the CS2 Beta According to Valve

The anticipation for the release of Counter-Strike 2, the next installment in Valve’s popular first-person shooter series, is reaching new heights. Although the game was announced on March 22, fans are still eagerly awaiting its full launch. Currently, Counter-Strike 2 is in the Limited Test beta stage. In this article, we will explain how to gain access to the CS2 beta according to Valve.

Valve recently provided details on how players can participate in the Limited Test. They stated, “And beginning today, we are starting the process of inviting as many eligible players as possible to the Limited Test. To be eligible, players must have CS:GO Prime Status, an active Competitive Skill Group, and play the majority of their official matchmaking games in one of the regions where the Limited Test is available.”

To increase your chances of gaining access to the CS2 beta, you need to meet the following requirements:

1. Have Prime Status on your CS:GO account.
2. Have a rank in CS:GO.
3. Play most of your official server games in regions where the Limited Test is taking place.

If you fulfill these criteria, you simply need to wait for Valve to send out the next wave of invites in one of their upcoming updates.

The Limited Test has attracted a large number of players, prompting Valve to release multiple updates addressing community concerns. Although CS2 is not yet ready for launch, it is progressing closer to completion than many expected.

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