Hemp, Inc.’s Bruce Perlowin to Discuss the Benefits of CBD in Live Broadcast

Hemp, Inc. announced that its Creative Visionary Consultant, Bruce Perlowin, will be appearing in a live broadcast with the Quantum Energy, Health, and Information Call to discuss the benefits of their CBD health and wellness products. Perlowin emphasized the high potency and effectiveness of Hemp, Inc.’s CBD offerings compared to competitors.

Many supplements and nutraceuticals on the market only contain a small amount of beneficial ingredients, rendering them ineffective. Hemp, Inc.’s analysis of clinical trials indicated that entry-level results began at 150 milligrams of CBD and 50 milligrams of CBG. The potency of their products was found to be consistent at 250 milligrams of CBD and 83.34 milligrams of CBG. This sets Hemp, Inc.’s offerings apart from those in the market that often contain lesser amounts of CBD.

Hemp, Inc.’s product line includes CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBGA, and CBN, all derived from hemp and known for their therapeutic properties. The company utilizes pharmaceutical-grade beta-cyclodextrin to ensure rapid absorption and efficacy. Their CBD/CBG coffee enhancer is highly potent, easily absorbed, and competitively priced.

These CBD products can be purchased through Hemp, Inc.’s online portal. The product lineup includes a CBD-CBG Topical Pain Relief Roll-on, CBD/CBG Natural Coffee Enhancers, CBD/CBG Tinctures, and CBDa/CBGa/CBD/CBG/CBN Capsules.

Hemp, Inc. has been involved in hemp cultivation and processing for over 14 years, making them a key player in the CBD market. For more information about their products and the benefits of CBD, tune into the Quantum Energy, Health, and Information Call.

Source: Globe Newswire and NewMediaWire.