Fujitsu Launches New Operating Room Optimization Solution

Fujitsu has introduced a new operating room optimization solution called Surgical Capacity Optimization (SCO) under its Uvance brand. This SaaS application utilizes Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing technology, Digital Annealer. The SCO features two main components: a recommendation engine that provides customized, mathematically validated suggestions to improve block time allocation in OR schedules, and a generative block scheduling wizard that offers projections for hypothetical scheduling scenarios.

One of the major differentiators of the SCO is its capability to uncover additional OR time to accommodate increased case volume. By analyzing historical and forecast surgery scheduling data from the EHR, the SCO identifies patterns in block utilization over time, allowing for the identification of new prime-time operating hours and days. Through trials at Baptist Health Doctors Hospital in the United States, the SCO achieved a 37% improvement in available prime-time minutes over three months, resulting in the addition of 231 new full-day blocks.

In addition, the SCO incorporates digital twin technology to project the impact of complex scheduling scenarios on utilization rates and revenue. This enables more data-driven decision-making for perioperative staff and reduces the risks associated with strategic decisions made by hospital leadership teams.

While AI has already been widely utilized in optimizing OR scheduling, Fujitsu’s quantum-inspired computing technology is a unique addition to the field. Other health tech vendors, such as Qventus, have employed AI to automate OR scheduling and improve efficiencies.

Dr. Barry Katzen, CMIO of Baptist Health, expressed confidence in Fujitsu’s solution, stating that it “challenges the conventional way of managing OR utilization” and revolutionizes OR schedules. Javier Hernandez-Lichtl, CEO of Doctors Hospital, commented on the potential impact of SCO, appreciating the enhanced revenue potential and the ability to predict and manage surgical capacity with greater precision.

In summary, Fujitsu’s SCO combines quantum-inspired computing technology, Digital Annealer, with a recommendation engine and generative block scheduling wizard to optimize operating room utilization. With its ability to uncover additional OR time and project the impact of scheduling scenarios, the SCO offers hospitals the opportunity to improve efficiency, increase revenue, and prioritize patient care.

– Fujitsu
– Qventus