French Quantum-as-a-Service Startup ColibriTD Raises €1 Million in Seed Funding

ColibriTD, a French startup that specializes in quantum-as-a-service, recently announced the closing of its €1 million seed funding round. The funding was led by Earlybird Venture Capital’s Earlybird-X fund, and a group of angel investors also participated. The capital raised will be used to further develop ColibriTD’s unique hardware-agnostic quantum-as-a-service platform.

The founders of ColibriTD, Dr. Laurent Guiraud and Hacene Goudjil, aim to make quantum computing accessible to enterprises across various industries and sectors. They recognize that many industries, including automotive, aerospace, and healthcare, face significant challenges such as decarbonization, pandemics, and climate change. These industries are seeking disruptive technologies to address these challenges, but struggle to access the necessary technology.

ColibriTD was founded in 2019 and has built a team of experienced researchers, including academics and industry experts, to work on developing their end-to-end quantum computing platform. One of their primary goals is to enable their platform to work on existing noisy and quantum computers.

With this funding round, ColibriTD plans to accelerate the development of their quantum-as-a-service platform. They will focus on working with existing hardware and expanding their applications to various industries, starting with aerospace and then expanding into the healthcare sector. Additionally, the funding will allow them to establish stronger partnerships with hardware manufacturers and academic institutions. ColibriTD also plans to adopt an open-source strategy.

Dr. Laurent Guiraud, the Co-Founder and Quantum Computing R&D Lead of ColibriTD, expressed his excitement about working with Earlybird-X to accelerate the adoption of quantum computing in key industrial sectors. He believes that hiring diverse and enthusiastic researchers will be crucial to the success of their venture.

Dr. Frédéric du Bois-Reymond, a Partner at Earlybird-X, commented on the potential of quantum computing to solve today’s challenges. He believes that establishing a connection between engineering tools, such as simulation software, and the quantum computing stack is essential. After meeting the founders of ColibriTD and considering their approach, supported by leading academic and industry experts, he is convinced that they have found the right team.

Overall, ColibriTD’s seed funding round will allow them to advance quantum computing capabilities in various industries, bringing them one step closer to making this revolutionary technology universally accessible.

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