Focal-Naim Introduces Mimi Hearing Test Integration for its Bathys Headphones

Focal-Naim has announced a new feature for its high-end Bathys noise-cancelling headphones. The Mimi Hearing Test is now integrated into the manufacturer’s app, allowing users to assess their hearing and adjust the headphone’s EQ accordingly.

The Mimi Hearing Test works by playing a series of beeps against a backdrop of random noise, and the user taps a button when they hear the beeps. This test helps identify any hearing deficiencies, particularly in high frequencies. Once the test is complete, the app will customize the Bathys’ EQ to compensate for any hearing deficiencies that have been identified.

Users have the option to run the Mimi Hearing Test multiple times if they are not satisfied with the results. They can also adjust the intensity of the personalization or disable it entirely if desired. However, the test does not provide specific information on which frequencies it has measured.

In addition to the Mimi Hearing Test integration, the Focal Bathys headphones offer exceptional audio performance and luxurious features such as lambskin-wrapped earcups and headband. The headphones can also be used as a USB Audio device with a built-in DAC that supports high-resolution audio. Wireless connectivity is supported through the AAC codec for iOS devices and the aptX Adaptive codec for Android users.

The Bathys headphones prioritize audio fidelity over active noise cancellation, making them an ideal option for audiophiles. The headphones were originally priced at $799, but Focal has since reduced the price by $100.

Overall, the integration of the Mimi Hearing Test adds a unique and valuable feature to the Focal Bathys headphones, allowing users to personalize their listening experience based on their individual hearing capabilities.

– Michael Brown/Foundry
– TechHive newsletter