Fantasy Meets Futurism in the Twin-Stick Shooter Dungeon Crawler Mystic Gate

Mystic Gate is an action-packed twin-stick shooting dungeon crawler that combines elements of fantasy and futurism. Players venture through increasingly difficult randomised dungeons filled with various creatures such as goblins, slime blobs, pigmen, ancient tomes, and screen-filling dragons. Unlike traditional fantasy games, the protagonist is armed with shotguns, pistols, missile launchers, and more modern weaponry.

In this sci-fi twist on the genre, players are accompanied by a small floating robot that provides support with slow-firing projectiles. While initially hopeful that the robot would serve as a conversational companion and be upgradable, Mystic Gate unfortunately does not deliver on these ideas.

The game is structured around a single-screen village acting as a hub, where players can complete quests, fill out a bestiary, and acquire new skills from a merchant. Skills are relatively inexpensive, allowing players to quickly bolster their abilities. Upgrades such as improved movement speed and faster firing weapons are essential for success.

The gameplay is easy to understand, with all projectiles marked as red to clearly identify them. Players have access to a dash move and various health power-ups. To progress through each dungeon, keys are required to open boss rooms. Defeating these bosses reveals new randomised dungeons with alternate layouts and enemy types.

Mystic Gate presents a nostalgic ’90s RPG aesthetic with simple text, small but distinct sprites, and fitting music that becomes more intense as players delve deeper into the dungeons. Progression in the game is relatively smooth after mastering the basics and upgrading essential skills. While competently designed, Mystic Gate may not leave a lasting impression and the addition of local co-op mode may entice curious players even more.

Mystic Gate, developed by ZOO Corporation and published by eastasiasoft, will be available on all platforms starting on September 13th.

Sources: Mystic Gate by ZOO Corporation | Published by eastasiasoft