F-Zero Returns as a Battle Royale Speedster in F-Zero 99

During the recent Nintendo Direct presentation, it was announced that the beloved classic racing game F-Zero is making a comeback as a battle royale speedster called F-Zero 99. The game will feature a high-speed race against 98 other racers, all vying for the first-place trophy.

F-Zero 99 will bring back the iconic courses and recognizable vehicles from the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) game. With its retro aesthetic, the game aims to capture the nostalgia of the original while providing an exciting and competitive experience on the Nintendo Switch console.

Players must be cautious during the race, as crashing into other cars or guardrails can cause significant damage to their machine. If a racer’s power meter depletes completely due to excessive damage, their vehicle will explode on the raceway.

However, players can strategically use their power meter for a temporary speed boost, giving them an edge over the competition. Additionally, collecting super sparks, which are yellow orbs that appear after collisions, allows racers to access the skyway. This ethereal track floating above the main track provides an opportunity to gain a better position in the race.

F-Zero 99 also offers in-game goals that players can complete to unlock more cosmetic options for their vehicles. These cosmetic options primarily consist of reskins, adding a touch of personalization to each player’s racing experience.

This new installment in the F-Zero series follows the trend set by other Nintendo Switch Online battle royale games, such as Pac-Man 99 and Tetris 99. Like its counterparts, F-Zero 99 will be available exclusively for active Nintendo Switch Online members.

Nintendo Switch Online (NSO) is a subscription service that provides access to online gaming and a library of classic games. NSO members can also enjoy other battle royale games like Pac-Man 99 and Tetris 99.

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