Exciting Rebrand Marks the Next Chapter for Onward Robotics, Revolutionizing Order Fulfillment

Onward Robotics, formerly known as IAM Robotics, has recently undergone an exciting rebranding process. The company, a leader in mobile robotics and software, has unveiled a new corporate name, logo, visual identity, and website. This rebranding marks an important next chapter in the company’s evolution and supports its recent growth.

Under its new name, Onward Robotics aims to revolutionize order fulfillment processes and move the global supply chain forward. The company has experienced high market demand since the launch of its Pyxis™ technology platform and Lumabot™ person-to-goods autonomous mobile robots. With its Meet Me™ solution, Onward Robotics coordinates humans and robots as a cohesive system, enabling businesses to increase productivity, mitigate operational risks, and scale without adding headcount.

The rebranding effort builds on the company’s strong momentum and demand for its innovative automation technology. Onward Robotics is piloting its technology in live production environments this year, further solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

“I’m inspired every day by the bold and gritty Onward Robotics team,” said CEO Lance VandenBrook. “Onward Robotics better reflects the organization’s strong forward trajectory, our bold and purposeful team, and most importantly, our commitment to moving our clients and the global supply chain forward.”

The new brand identity embodies Onward Robotics’ renewed sense of purpose, energy, and enthusiasm. It also acknowledges the company’s decades of experience in the field of mobile robotics. The launch of the rebranding will be accompanied by live demonstrations of Onward Robotics’ innovative robotic technology at MODEX 2024 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Onward Robotics delivers innovative automation technology that combines humans and robots to revolutionize fulfillment processes. The company’s goal is to provide increased efficiency in warehousing, distribution, and e-commerce operations. With its new brand and advanced robotic solutions, Onward Robotics aims to help companies remain competitive and grow.

– Onward Robotics (formerly IAM Robotics)
– PRNewswire