EA FC 24 Rumored to Bring Changes to Weekend League Rewards and TOTW Teams

EA SPORTS FC 24 is set to introduce exciting new features to Ultimate Team, including the addition of women footballers, a trait system, upgradeable players, and PlayStyles. This revolutionary update will allow players to use both men’s and women’s footballers on the same pitch for the first time in the mode’s history. Additionally, the Evolutions feature will enable users to upgrade their club legends by completing objectives.

One of the most anticipated aspects of EA FC 24 is the introduction of PlayStyles, which will grant unique capabilities to cards. PlayStyle + will further elevate these signature abilities to a world-class level. Examples of these enhanced abilities include improved finesse shots, first-time passes, and first touch.

While much is known about the new features, EA has not revealed any details regarding potential changes to existing features. However, a recent leak has shed some light on the rumored changes to Weekend League and TOTW rewards.

According to a reliable leaker, DonkTrading, red picks will be removed from the rewards in FIFA 23 and replaced with rewards of equivalent value. This means that players will no longer earn untradeable TOTW items as part of their Weekend League rewards. Additionally, TOTW teams will only consist of 80+ rated cards, offering higher-quality special cards.

This rumored change will be a welcome improvement for community members who are tired of receiving lower-rated silver and bronze cards in their rewards. While the leak does not provide details on what will replace red picks, it promises rewards of equal value.

The introduction of the Evolutions feature adds another layer to the rewards system. Players will be able to upgrade certain promo cards by completing objectives, providing a rewarding experience for dedicated players.

As with all leaks, it’s important to approach them with caution until EA provides official confirmation. For more information on EA FC 24, stay updated with our coverage.

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