Deutsche Telekom Opens Quantum Lab for Research and Integration of Quantum Technology

Deutsche Telekom has unveiled its new “quantum lab” at its T-Labs facility in Berlin. The lab will focus on quantum research and integrating quantum technology into commercial telecommunications networks. It aims to enhance quantum communication capabilities and develop more efficient communication networks.

The Quantum Lab in Berlin is equipped with the necessary infrastructure for quantum-optical experiments and is connected to over 2,000 km of fiber optic network, allowing collaboration with partners across Germany. Deutsche Telekom will be working with technical universities in Berlin, Dresden, and Munich, as well as Fraunhofer Institut HHI, and other academic and business partners.

One of the main areas of research at the Quantum Lab will be in quantum entanglement, a physical phenomenon that promises a significant transformation in telecommunications. Quantum entanglement enables ultra-secure communication through quantum cryptography and offers improvements in latency, throughput, and resilience in communication networks. It also opens up possibilities for distributed and sensory applications, creating a potential “quantum internet of things.”

Claudia Nemat, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer at Deutsche Telekom, stated that the opening of the Quantum Lab emphasizes the company’s commitment to bringing quantum technology to commercial telecommunications networks. She also invited the research and innovation community to collaborate with Deutsche Telekom in exploring the potential of innovative quantum solutions in real-world conditions.

Deutsche Telekom is involved in the PETRUS project, initiated by the European Commission, where it will coordinate collaboration among the 27 EU member states to develop a trans-European quantum communications infrastructure called EuroQCI. Additionally, T-Systems, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, has launched its Quantum-as-a-Service offering, providing business customers with access to real quantum computing environments, training, and advisory services.

Sources: Deutsche Telekom, VanillaPlus