Destiny 2 Community Calls for Buff to Exotic Hand Cannon Eriana’s Vow

The Destiny 2 community is pleading with game developer Bungie to buff the Exotic Hand Cannon, Eriana’s Vow, particularly in high-level content such as Grandmaster Nightfalls. The community believes that the weapon has fallen out of favor and is in dire need of a boost in order to be viable in the meta.

In Destiny 2, there are always going to be weapons that are more valuable than others due to the nature of metas. Some guns will rise to the top while others fall to the bottom. This is especially apparent in activities like Grandmaster Nightfalls, where specific loadouts are required to deal with difficult Champions.

For example, Wish-Ender is currently an excellent choice for taking down Anti-Barrier Champions, as it uses primary ammo and eliminates the issue of running out of Special ammo. However, before Wish-Ender, Arbalest was the go-to weapon for Anti-Barrier, pushing out other options in its category.

This is why the community is asking Bungie to buff Eriana’s Vow, an old favorite Hand Cannon from the Shadowkeep expansion. The community argues that if Wish-Ender can one-shot a Grandmaster Champion Barrier, then there’s no reason why Eriana’s Vow can’t do the same.

Eriana’s Vow has lost its utility and uniqueness as its intrinsic Anti-Barrier perk has been given to many other weapons. Players are suggesting that in order to make it more useful, Eriana’s Vow should be able to one-shot barriers on Champions. Some players even propose that the weapon should cause an ignition effect when breaking any shield.

While it’s impossible for every gun to be great all the time in Destiny 2, the community hopes that Eriana’s Vow will receive a buff and have another chance to shine in the game.