Deciding the Fate of the Weeping Woman’s Baby in Lies of P

In the game Lies of P, players will encounter a character known as the Weeping Woman shortly after unlocking the ‘Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard’ Stargazer. The Weeping Woman will request assistance in finding her baby, but players will soon discover that there is bad news awaiting them. At this point, a crucial decision needs to be made – whether to lie or tell the truth about the fate of the baby.

To locate the Weeping Woman, players will be guided by a pink dimensional butterfly during their initial exploration after the Hotel. The butterfly will lead them through a ruined building until they reach a dead end with a ladder. From there, players can spot the silhouette of the Weeping Woman standing by a window.

Once players have completed certain tasks, they will have the opportunity to find the baby. They must progress in the game until they encounter and defeat the Mad Donkey, and meet Geppetto. This will open the way to Krat City Hall. On the path leading to the City Hall, players will encounter a large robot pounding a pile of bodies. Among the bodies, they will find a baby puppet, signaling the unfortunate fate of the Weeping Woman’s child.

The next crucial decision is whether to lie or tell the truth about the baby to the Weeping Woman. If players choose to tell the truth and inform her that the baby is a puppet, the woman will not believe them. However, they will still receive a Vivid Ergo fragment as a reward. On the other hand, if players decide to lie and tell the Weeping Woman that her baby is cute, they will receive both a Vivid Ergo fragment and the Feel record.

By lying to the Weeping Woman, players will obtain more rewards, including the record and the Vivid Ergo fragment, which provides 300 Ergo when used. However, lying will also affect players’ Humanity and may have implications for the game’s ending. It is up to the players to evaluate whether the rewards outweigh the consequences of their actions.

In conclusion, the Weeping Woman’s baby quest in Lies of P presents players with a moral dilemma. The decision to lie or tell the truth not only determines the outcome of the quest but may also impact the overall gameplay experience. Players must carefully consider their choices and weigh the potential rewards against the potential consequences.