China’s Origaker Robot Wins International Award for Mimicking Animal Movements

A research team from China has been awarded the 2022 Best Journal Paper prize for their work on a robot named Origaker. Led by Dai Jiansheng from the Shenzhen Key Laboratory of Biomimetic Robotics and Intelligent Systems, the team designed a robot that can mimic the movements of various animals. The award was given by the editor and editorial board of the Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics, recognizing the team’s exceptional research in the field.

Origaker is a biomimetic robot that has the ability to change its shape to simulate the movement of different types of reptiles, mammals, and arthropods. Dai’s innovative theory on metamorphic mechanisms allows the robot to switch working modes and accurately mimic the movements of various animals. The team has built a theoretical system that incorporates mathematical tools, providing a solid foundation for the future development of advanced biological metamorphic robots and their control algorithms.

The robot has been tested in various indoor and outdoor environments to validate its adaptability and locomotion capabilities. It has successfully crawled over different surfaces, executed designed gaits on various terrains, and overcome challenging obstacles. The team conducted experiments involving self-flipping, fast spinning, stair climbing, narrow path navigation, soft grass and sandy terrain traversal, and rock climbing.

The results of this research have significant implications for the development of next-generation biological metamorphic robots. By mimicking the movements of animals in different forms, these robots could potentially have a wide range of applications, including search and rescue missions, exploration in challenging environments, and even assisting humans in various tasks. The China Science Daily report highlights the potential of this research and its contribution to the field of mechanisms and robotics.

– Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics
– China Science Daily