Chicago-Based Tech Company Leading the Way in Robot Integration Across Industries

RuTech Robotic Innovations, a Chicago-based tech company, is making waves in the industry with its innovative use of robots in various sectors. Founded by Stephanie Gong, a seasoned entrepreneur, RuTech has become the largest robotic distribution company in America.

Gong’s inspiration for incorporating robots into the workplace came from her concern for her employees’ well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. By deploying robots to handle repetitive and strenuous tasks, Gong was able to alleviate the workload on her staff, allowing them to focus more on providing exceptional customer experiences. Gong emphasizes that robots are not here to take jobs away from humans but rather to work alongside them, increasing job efficiency and reducing strain on employees.

RuTech specializes in providing cutting-edge technology to businesses of all sizes, offering autonomous disinfecting and cleaning robots, as well as delivery and reception robots. These robots can be found in various industries including restaurants, offices, hospitals, convention centers, casinos, malls, government offices, warehouses, daycare centers, senior centers, bowling alleys, and shopping centers.

Gong has seen firsthand how robots have become a necessity in the current pandemic climate, and she believes that their integration into the workplace will soon become the norm in the United States. She personally tests every robot before adding them to the RuTech roster, ensuring that they meet the company’s high standards and are ready for the American market.

With its mission to provide the best quality robots and exceptional customer service, RuTech is not only a distributor but also offers financial services options for those interested in leasing before purchasing. The company is focused on expanding its presence across various industries, aiming to bring the benefits of robot integration to a wide range of sectors.

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RuTech Robotic Innovations