Changes to Mode & Rewards in EA SPORTS FC™ 24

In the upcoming game, EA SPORTS FC™ 24, there will be significant updates to the rewards system in various modes, such as Squad Battles, Rivals, and Champions. The aim of these changes is to ensure that playing in all three modes feels rewarding and balanced.

One of the key changes is the introduction of seasonal XP rewards in these modes. By playing in Squad Battles, Rivals, and Champions, players will be able to earn weekly Seasonal XP rewards. This will help them progress on the Seasonal Ladder and enhance their Ultimate Team journey.

In Champions mode, the rewards will be updated throughout the year to maintain their significance regardless of the time of the year. At launch, the Ultimate Team Champions Player Items, also known as Red Picks, will be replaced by rewards of equivalent value in-game. This change aims to make rewards more relevant to the players’ Ultimate Team journey throughout the year.

It has been observed that as the game progresses, the usage of Ultimate Team Champions Players declines, with these players being utilized more for Squad Building Challenges (SBCs). Therefore, by removing Champions Players from the default rewards lineup, EA intends to focus on delivering more frequent changes to Champions rewards, making them a key avenue for squad growth throughout the season.

Moreover, changes will also be made to Champions rewards for Rank 2 and above, with a focus on balancing difficulty and rewards for elite play. The goal is to highlight and reward the best of the best each week.

Similar to Champions, rewards in Rivals mode will be updated to provide better incentives for higher division play, particularly in Division 2 and above. The Champions Players that could be earned in the Elite Division will be replaced by rewards of equivalent value at launch.

In Squad Battles, the halves will be shortened from 6 minutes to 4 minutes, and the total number of matches that count towards the weekly rank will be reduced from 40 to 32. These changes aim to increase the time players spend actively playing the game and improve the balance of rewards between offline and online play.

Overall, these mode and rewards changes in EA SPORTS FC™ 24 aim to enhance the player experience by ensuring that rewards are meaningful, relevant, and balanced throughout the year.
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