Change is Coming: Xur’s Exotic Offerings in Destiny 2

In the world of Destiny 2, change is a constant. As players gear up for the next stage of the game, one significant change on the horizon is the retirement of Legendary Shards. However, as this change takes effect, Xur, the elusive vendor of Exotic items, has returned with a fresh lineup of goods for Guardians to peruse.

This week, Xur can be found in the EDZ, specifically in the Winding Cove area. To locate him, players should spawn at the Winding Cove transmat zone and head north, taking the collapsed overpass on the left. A cave near the bend in the road houses Xur’s temporary storefront. Players can follow the tunnel through the cliff face to reach a higher ridge where a crashed Fallen dropship serves as Xur’s humble abode.

As for the merchandise, Xur has a variety of Exotic items available for purchase. These include:

  • Trinity Ghoul – a powerful bow capable of firing an Arc energy arrow that splits into three projectiles.
  • Young Ahamkara’s Spine – gauntlets designed specifically for Hunters, increasing Tripmine Grenade duration and blast radius.
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – regal armor for Titans, generating an additional Orb of Power from Supers and providing a healing pulse upon activating Barricade.
  • Ophidian Aspect – gauntlets tailored to Warlocks who excel in PvP, enhancing weapon ready and reload speeds.

In addition to these Exotic items, Xur offers the Xenology quest on a weekly basis. Completing this quest allows players to earn an Exotic Cipher, which can be used to obtain desired Exotics from Master Rahool. The cap on Exotic Ciphers has been increased to enable Guardians to hold up to five at a time, providing more flexibility in obtaining coveted gear.

Guardians looking for Legendary weapons and armor can also find them in Xur’s inventory for a price of 50 Legendary Shards and 1,000 Glimmer per item.

With change on the horizon, now is the time for Guardians to spend their hoarded Legendary Shards and make the most of Xur’s offerings. Whether it’s a powerful weapon, gauntlets for improved skills, or regal armor for protection, Xur has something for every Guardian seeking an edge in battle.



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