Castle Lager’s Gran Boks Campaign Celebrates Rugby-Loving Grannies

Castle Lager has launched a heartwarming campaign in celebration of Rugby World Cup, showcasing the love and support of the Springboks’ grandmothers, or “oumas” as they’re affectionately called in South Africa. The Gran Boks campaign aims to highlight the special bond between grandmothers and their rugby-playing grandsons.

One of the featured oumas is Melody Anderson, the grandmother of Springbok player Malcolm Marx. In a recent interview, Tannie Melody shared her experience of watching her grandson play rugby since he was 15 years old. She expressed her joy in watching matches with other oumas, oupas (grandfathers), and friends, enjoying some tea, cake, and drinks after the game.

Tannie Melody also revealed that she was surprised when Marx contacted her using her landline number, as she does not have a cellphone. She playfully referred to herself as “old school.” She described Marx’s intensity on the field, comparing him to a chameleon with his focused eyes and a different persona. She also likened him to an ox, emphasizing his strength.

Despite the physicality of rugby, Tannie Melody believes that Marx doesn’t get hurt during games, citing the saying, “where there’s no sense, there’s no feeling.” She expressed her pride and admiration for her grandson’s dedication to the sport.

Castle Lager’s Gran Boks campaign is a touching tribute to the role grandmothers play in supporting their rugby-playing grandsons. The campaign highlights the love and pride these oumas feel watching their grandsons represent their country on the rugby field. The videos featuring the oumas are sure to warm the hearts of viewers and remind them of the priceless love and support grandmothers provide.

– Castle Lager’s Gran Boks campaign
– Interview with Melody Anderson, Malcolm Marx’s ouma