BTQ Technologies Selected for the 2023 Canada Quantum Technology R&D Mission to South Korea

BTQ Technologies, a global quantum technology company focused on securing mission-critical networks, has been chosen to participate in the 2023 Canada Quantum Technology R&D Mission to South Korea. The delegation, consisting of 11 leading companies and institutions in the quantum technology sector, will engage with South Korean entities to foster partnerships and explore synergies.

South Korea has announced an ambitious plan to invest over $2.33 billion in quantum science and technology by 2035, positioning themselves as a major player in the global quantum arena. The country aims to expand the quantum researcher base, nurture expertise in quantum computing and advanced quantum sensors, and establish strategic partnerships with global giants in the field.

The Canadian delegation, organized by the Canadian Embassy in Seoul, will participate in a series of collaborative events, including the Korea-Canada Quantum Innovation Forum and individual interviews. The objective is to facilitate collaboration and partnership between Canadian and South Korean companies, research institutes, academia, and other key players in the quantum technology sector.

BTQ Technologies, along with the other participants in the delegation, sees this opportunity as a testament to their hard work and innovation in the quantum space. They believe that collaborating with South Korean counterparts will not only benefit their company but also contribute to the advancement of Canada and South Korea in the global quantum landscape.

BTQ was founded by a group of post-quantum cryptographers with a focus on addressing the security threat posed by large-scale universal quantum computers. The company combines software and hardware to provide unique post-quantum services and solutions to secure critical networks.

Sources: PR Newswire