BTQ Technologies Selected for 2023 Canada Quantum Technology R&D Mission to South Korea

BTQ Technologies Corp., a global quantum technology company focused on securing mission-critical networks, has been chosen to participate in the 2023 Canada Quantum Technology R&D Mission to South Korea. The delegation, consisting of 11 of Canada’s quantum technology leaders, will engage with South Korean entities from October 31st to November 2nd to explore synergies and foster partnerships.

South Korea has announced ambitious plans to invest over 3 trillion won ($2.33 billion) in quantum science and technology by 2035, positioning themselves as a major global player in the quantum field. The collaboration between the Canadian and South Korean quantum technology sectors represents a significant opportunity for both countries to further their presence in the global quantum landscape.

The Canadian delegation includes companies and institutions specializing in quantum sensing, quantum computing, and quantum communication. The meetings with South Korean companies, research institutes, academia, and other key players in the quantum technology sector are organized by the Canadian Embassy in Seoul and aim to foster collaboration and partnership.

BTQ Technologies CEO, Olivier Roussy Newton, expressed his honor at being chosen for the mission and highlighted the alignment between South Korea’s advancements in quantum technologies and BTQ’s mission and goals. The CEO believes that the collaboration between Canada and South Korea has the potential to usher in the next wave of quantum breakthroughs.

South Korea’s roadmap for quantum technology includes increasing the quantum researcher base seven-fold to 2,500 and nurturing expertise in quantum computing and advanced quantum sensors. The country has also formed strategic partnerships with global giants such as IBM and IonQ.

BTQ Technologies, founded by post-quantum cryptographers, focuses on addressing the security threat posed by large-scale universal quantum computers. The company combines software and hardware to provide unique post-quantum services and solutions for safeguarding critical networks.

This collaboration between Canada and South Korea in the quantum technology sector signifies the growing importance of quantum advancements on a global scale. It opens doors for knowledge sharing, research collaboration, and the development of innovative solutions in quantum technology.

– PRNewswire: BTQ Technologies selected for the 2023 Canada Quantum Technology R&D Mission to South Korea