ARX Raises €1.15 Million to Develop Autonomous Unmanned Systems for Defence and Civilian Applications

ARX, a defence technology manufacturer, has successfully raised €1.15 million in a pre-seed funding round led by Project A Ventures. The company specializes in developing autonomous unmanned systems that can be used for both defence and civilian applications.

The primary goal of ARX is to assist soldiers and civilian first responders in making better decisions and taking more effective actions in life-threatening situations. For the armed forces, ARX robots provide a robust and cost-effective solution for training and protecting troops, gathering intelligence, and successfully completing missions. In emergency situations, these autonomous robots are designed to provide years of reliable support for relief purposes.

ARX is a spin-off from the GEREON research project at the German Armed Forces University in Munich. Currently, the first units of ARX robots are undergoing testing with defence companies and armed forces in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and Estonia. This funding round, led by Project A Ventures, will be utilized to expand the team, enhance the technology, and increase production capabilities.

The founders of ARX, Marc Wietfeld (CEO) and Stefan Röbel (COO), bring valuable expertise to the company. Wietfeld, an intrapreneur and active officer in the German Army, conceptualized the idea for ARX based on his experience as an infantry officer. He has also led research projects in Robotics & Military IoT. Röbel, a former army officer turned tech executive, has held senior management positions at prominent companies like Grover, Asos, and Amazon.

This funding will enable ARX to further develop their small to medium-sized autonomous robots. These robots are built on a universal robotic platform that allows for flexible add-on and payload solutions, catering to different security and defence-related scenarios. Currently, armed forces face challenges in training their soldiers effectively, and companies need to adapt to increasing security threats. ARX aims to address these challenges by providing cost-effective and versatile autonomous robotic solutions.

By developing software and hardware solutions that enhance the capabilities of Western Allies, ARX aims to revolutionize efficiency, safety, and 24/7 readiness in both civilian and military use cases. With their diverse team of military, research, and industry experts, ARX is well-equipped to make significant advancements in the field of autonomous unmanned systems.

ARX – a defence technology manufacturer specializing in developing autonomous unmanned systems for dual-use applications – recently announced a €1.15 million pre-seed round led by Project A Ventures.