Aqua Robotics Appoints Elin Risvik as Chief Technology Officer

Aqua Robotics, a Norwegian company specializing in aquaculture technology, has announced the appointment of Elin Risvik as their new Chief Technology Officer. Risvik, a trained aircraft mechanic with experience in aviation and technology development, joined the company on September 1. Her expertise and background in product development, including the commercialization of a drone, make her an ideal candidate for this role.

In her new position, Risvik will be responsible for scaling up the production and commercialization of Aqua Robotics’ flagship product, HALO. HALO is the world’s first fully automatic robotic net cleaning system, designed to clean fish farm nets. According to Risvik, the system has significant potential beyond cleaning, such as inspection and reporting functions.

Aqua Robotics is now at a turning point in its development, having recently signed a three-year commitment with Mowi, a Norwegian salmon giant. The collaboration between the two companies will focus on further developing HALO and implementing it in Mowi’s facilities. This partnership not only ensures a valuable learning curve for Aqua Robotics but also highlights the potential impact of their technology on fish welfare, sustainable food production, energy consumption, and the environment.

HALO operates in the challenging environment of saltwater, requiring robust and reliable technology. Aqua Robotics has taken this into consideration during the development and production of HALO, aiming to provide a practical and rock-solid solution for the aquaculture industry.

Aqua Robotics, founded in 2016 by the Molaug family, aims to revolutionize the aquaculture industry by offering alternative cleaning methods that do not rely on high pressures and copper coatings. The company is located in Bryne, near several advanced mechanical companies who serve as their suppliers.

The appointment of Elin Risvik as CTO marks an important reinforcement for Aqua Robotics. Her strategic role will contribute to the company’s growth and success in the future.

– Aqua Robotics press release
– Personal communication with Aqua Robotics spokesperson