Apple’s New Titanium Alloy Design on iPhone 15 Pro Could Be a Fingerprint and Grease Magnet

Apple Inc. recently unveiled its iPhone 15 Pro, highlighting its new titanium alloy design. However, some early users have noticed a potential issue with the design – it appears to be a magnet for fingerprints and grease. Keeping the iPhone 15 Pro clean might prove to be a challenge.

This design flaw could potentially lead to discoloration, posing a bigger problem for Apple and iPhone 15 Pro buyers. While the titanium alloy design was borrowed from the Apple Watch Ultra, other phones like the Essential Phone have also used a similar design.

One of the advantages of using titanium is its high strength-to-weight ratio, allowing Apple to reduce the overall weight of the iPhone 15 Pro compared to its predecessor. However, Apple’s decision to use ion plating, specifically physical vapor deposition (PVD), instead of anodizing could be problematic.

The PVD method results in a design that readily attracts fingerprints and is easily scratched. A simple scratch can reveal the true color of the titanium alloy, potentially leading to significant discoloration over time.

It remains to be seen whether Apple’s recently introduced $25 polishing cloth can effectively address the issue of fingerprints. This potential flaw in the new titanium alloy design has raised concerns among Apple fans eagerly anticipating the iPhone 15 Pro.

In conclusion, while the iPhone 15 Pro boasts a sleek new design with its titanium alloy construction, the issue of it being a fingerprint and grease magnet needs to be addressed by Apple. Otherwise, it could prove to be a drawback for potential buyers.

Sources: Benzinga