Another Code Recollection: A Remake of the Classic Nintendo DS Adventure

Another Code: Two Memories, originally released as Trace Memory in North America, is receiving a full 3D remake on the Nintendo Switch. The upcoming collection, titled Another Code Recollection, will not only include the original game, but also a previously-unreleased sequel called Another Code R, which will be available for the first time in North America.

The original Another Code game was a point-and-click adventure that debuted on the Nintendo DS in 2005. Although it received mixed reviews, it was noted for its intriguing storyline and immersive gameplay. In our review at the time, we mentioned that despite some flaws in the dialogue, it was a captivating experience from start to finish, akin to a lengthy bedtime story.

Fans of the original Trace Memory/Another Code series will be delighted to hear about the upcoming 3D remake and the addition of the long-awaited sequel. The Nintendo Switch version will offer enhanced visuals and updated controls to take advantage of the console’s capabilities.

The remake will offer both nostalgic appeal for fans of the original game and a chance for new players to discover the intriguing world of Another Code. With the added bonus of Another Code R, North American players will finally get the opportunity to continue the thrilling adventure that was previously out of reach.

With the announcement still fresh, details on the specific enhancements and changes in the remake are yet to be fully disclosed. However, fans are eagerly anticipating a revitalized experience that will bring the beloved Another Code series to a new generation of players.

– IGN’s News Director, Kat Bailey