AI Tools Help Couple Generate Wedding Content, Easing Pre-Wedding Stress

Molly Price and Erik Sorensen are harnessing the power of AI to generate the majority of the written content for their upcoming wedding. Using tools like ChatGPT and Joy’s AI assistant, the couple has outsourced nearly 90% of the writing process, including vows, toast speeches, and their wedding website.

Molly Price, a customer-experience coordinator from Denver, and her fiancé, Erik Sorensen, are set to tie the knot in October. The couple got engaged last December after meeting six years ago at a summer camp where Price was working as a photographer and Sorensen as a counselor and tennis instructor.

According to Price, their relationship is characterized by fun, support, and a touch of chaos. These qualities are reflected in the content they have prepared for their wedding day, all of which has been generated with the help of AI tools.

Price began testing AI tools like ChatGPT and Joy’s AI assistant a few months ago. Joy’s AI assistant, accessible via their website, allows users to create wedding-related content, including vows, love stories, and thank-you notes. Users input the type of text they need help with and provide context and preferred writing style. The AI assistant generates initial text based on these inputs.

Price then uses ChatGPT to refine and add humor, voice, and color to the generated text. She finds that ChatGPT helps make the writing less robotic and offers helpful suggestions for editing and enhancing the content.

Using AI tools has significantly reduced pre-wedding stress for Price. She likened writing a speech to working on a research paper and expressed relief in having AI assist with the process. Price mentioned that, without AI tools, she would have likely kept her speech short and simple.

A survey conducted by Joy earlier this year revealed that many couples find it overwhelming to begin writing their wedding-related materials. 57% of respondents stated that they would consider using an AI assistant like ChatGPT to kickstart the writing process.

Overall, AI tools have allowed Molly Price and Erik Sorensen to streamline their wedding preparations and create written content that reflects their unique relationship and wedding vision.

Sources: Business Insider