Agility Robotics Opens New Robot Manufacturing Facility to Produce Human-Centric Robot “Digit” at Scale

Agility Robotics, the creator of the innovative bipedal robot Digit, has announced the opening of RoboFabâ„¢, a robot manufacturing facility in Salem, Oregon. The factory has the capacity to produce over 10,000 robots per year, with an initial production of hundreds of Digits in the first year. The facility is set to employ over 500 workers at full capacity in addition to employees at other Agility locations.

Digit is a human-centric robot designed to perform useful tasks in spaces designed for humans. Its versatile design allows for multi-purpose utility, making it suitable for various applications such as bulk material handling in warehouses and distribution centers. Digit will also be assisting in the new factory, performing tasks such as moving, loading, and unloading totes.

The opening of the factory marks a significant milestone in the robotics industry, as it represents the beginning of mass production of commercial humanoid robots. Damion Shelton, co-founder and CEO of Agility Robotics, highlights the company’s vision of solving workforce challenges and enabling humans to be more human through the use of technology. Mass production at scale allows for a widespread impact and addresses issues such as injuries, burnout, high turnover, and labor gaps.

Aindrea Campbell, COO of Agility Robotics, is leading the scaling of manufacturing and corporate operations to meet the growing demand for Digit. With years of experience in senior operations roles at companies like Ford and Apple, Campbell brings valuable expertise to the table. The proximity of the manufacturing facility to Agility’s engineering center allows for efficient scaling and quick response to market demands.

Establishing RoboFab as a state-of-the-art manufacturing hub in Salem, Oregon not only accelerates the development and deployment of advanced robotic systems but also fosters innovation and creates high-skilled job opportunities. Agility Robotics aims to revolutionize the future of work by producing Digit at scale, improving productivity and creating a positive impact on society.

For more information on Agility’s RoboFab and its humanoid robot Digit, please visit their website.

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