Agility Robotics Building World’s First Factory for Humanoid Robots

Agility Robotics is constructing the world’s first factory for humanoid robots in Salem, Oregon. The 70,000-square-foot facility, called RoboFab, is expected to open later this year and will employ over 500 people. Agility Robotics plans to produce hundreds of their humanoid robots, named Digit, in the first year of operation, with the ability to manufacture up to 10,000 robots annually in the future.

Digit is a humanoid robot designed to work alongside humans in manufacturing facilities and distribution centers. It has two arms, two legs, and claw-like hands, allowing it to perform a variety of tasks. The robot is capable of walking across different terrains, crouching, rotating its upper body, picking up and putting down objects, stepping up and down, as well as maintaining balance when bumped into.

The aim behind developing Digit is to address workforce challenges such as injuries, burnout, high turnover, and labor shortages. By automating repetitive and physically-demanding tasks, Agility Robotics hopes to enhance human productivity and well-being. The company envisions a future where humans can focus on more complex and creative aspects of their jobs while the robots handle the routine work.

While Agility Robotics is not the only company working on humanoid robots for industrial applications, they have managed to get a head start over competitors like Tesla. The potential of humanoid robots to revolutionize the workplace is gaining recognition, and their utilization is expected to increase in various industries.