AeroVironment Completes Acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics

AeroVironment, a global leader in intelligent multi-domain robotic systems, has successfully finalized its acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics. The acquisition, which was completed for a purchase price of $120 million, will enable AeroVironment to integrate Tomahawk Robotics’ AI-enabled control systems and accelerate the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy into its platforms.

The flagship product of Tomahawk Robotics, Kinesis, is widely utilized in the defense industry and the U.S. Department of Defense. By combining their technology, AeroVironment and Tomahawk Robotics aim to provide warfighters with interconnected robotic solutions and facilitate the seamless sharing of information across different domains and platforms using a common controller.

Wahid Nawabi, the Chairman, President, and CEO of AeroVironment, expressed excitement about the completed acquisition. Nawabi emphasized that the integration of both companies’ technologies will allow them to offer the best solutions for their customers’ operational needs.

Tomahawk Robotics will become a part of AeroVironment’s Small UAS (SUAS) business unit within its Unmanned Systems segment. The company plans to continue supporting all existing Tomahawk Robotics customers and will retain the platform, market, and industry agnostic nature of Tomahawk’s products. Additionally, AeroVironment intends to introduce Tomahawk Robotics’ solutions to its extensive customer base, which spans over 55 allied nations.

As AeroVironment continues to grow, the addition of Tomahawk Robotics’ employees is expected to contribute to the company’s expansion. The employees will bring their expertise and skills to AeroVironment’s culture of innovation and exploration, providing them with opportunities for career development.

AeroVironment’s acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics signifies a significant step in their commitment to advancing AI and autonomy in the field of robotic systems. Through the collaboration of these two leading companies, they are poised to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving operational requirements of their customers.

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