AeroVironment Acquires Tomahawk Robotics for $120 Million to Expand AI-enabled Solutions

AeroVironment, a leading provider of unmanned systems and tactical missile systems, has recently finalized the acquisition of Tomahawk Robotics for a total purchase price of $120 million. The deal will be settled through a combination of cash and stock.

Tomahawk Robotics is widely recognized for its flagship AI-enabled control system, Kinesis. This advanced technology is currently the most extensively used solution for common controllers across the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) and the broader defense industry.

By integrating Tomahawk Robotics’ innovative AI-enabled technology with AeroVironment’s unmanned systems, warfighters will gain the ability to operate interconnected robotic solutions on the battlefield. They will also be able to seamlessly share information between multiple domains and platforms using a single common controller.

As part of the agreement, Tomahawk Robotics will become part of AeroVironment’s Small UAS (SUAS) business unit, which operates within the company’s Unmanned Systems segment. AeroVironment has committed to supporting all existing customers of Tomahawk Robotics, and the products will continue to serve various platforms, markets, and industries. Additionally, AeroVironment plans to introduce Tomahawk Robotics’ solutions to its expanding customer base, which currently spans over 55 allied nations.

With the acquisition finalized, AeroVironment aims to enhance the integration of both companies’ technologies and expedite the implementation of artificial intelligence (AI) and autonomy into its platforms. By doing so, the company will be better positioned to provide state-of-the-art solutions to meet the operational needs of its customers. Tomahawk Robotics’ employees will join AeroVironment’s workforce, contributing to the company’s culture of innovation and exploration.

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