Acrylic Robotics: Reproducing Paintings at Scale

Acrylic Robotics, a robotics and artificial intelligence start-up based in Montreal, is revolutionizing the way painters share their artwork. Founded by Chloe Ryan, an artist and mechanical engineering graduate, Acrylic Robotics aims to make fine art more accessible while supporting independent artists.

Ryan’s idea stemmed from the realization that most art forms can be reproduced at scale, except for painting. While writers have digital copies of their work, painters are limited to selling original copies. To address this, Ryan developed a robot that helped her paint faster. Realizing the potential impact of her invention, she decided to create Acrylic Robotics.

The company’s solution involves a digital system where artists can track their brush strokes digitally. This data is then uploaded to the system, and Acrylic robots can replicate the original painting using paint brush attachments. The result is a nearly identical replica with slight, almost imperceptible discrepancies that add a charming uniqueness to each piece.

The implications of Acrylic Robotics are significant. Instead of selling just one original artwork at a high price, artists can now offer limited edition collections at a lower price point, making art more accessible to a wider audience. It also allows artists to generate the same income while reaching a larger market.

Acrylic Robotics recently showcased their robotic technology at an exhibit in Toronto, where a robotic arm with a paint brush attachment reproduced an image of a lion’s head. The demonstration highlighted the accuracy and charm of the replication process.

While imperfections are inevitable due to the nature of the painting process, Acrylic Robotics ensures a level of quality through a rigorous quality assurance process. The goal is to have each replica be as close to the original as possible while still maintaining a degree of uniqueness.

Acrylic Robotics is redefining the way artists can reproduce their artwork, opening up new possibilities for the art world. By combining robotics and artificial intelligence, the company is making fine art more accessible and supporting independent artists in their creative endeavors.

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