A New-Age Belief System: Susan Fang Explores Nature vs AI in Her Spring/Summer 2024 Collection

Susan Fang, a renowned Chinese designer known for her profound connection to her culture, has once again captivated audiences with her latest collection for Spring/Summer 2024. Fang’s work embodies a sense of positivity and optimism, and this season, she explores the debate between nature and artificial intelligence (AI) in what she describes as “a new-age belief system.”

The collection is set against a backdrop of a 20-foot metal and fabric structure resembling a robotic angel made from kites. It presents a striking contrast, with delicate lace dresses, computer-generated prints mixed with hand-drawn flowers, and air-weave smocking-made garments. Fang seamlessly combines mechanics and craftsmanship to create dreamy and ethereal skirts and dresses.

In addition to clothing, Fang expands her accessory line with futuristic eyewear adorned with nature-inspired flowers and resin clutch bags. Sustainability remains a core value for Fang, as she mainly sources materials from leftover fabrics and surplus.

Fang’s exploration of nature versus AI is centered around the concept of energy and technology. She believes that true beauty goes beyond physical appearance and is about embracing life, sharing love, and reciprocating positive energy. In this collection, Fang incorporates AI by using software to transform drawings from her mother and boyfriend’s childhood into designs that evoke a sense of childlike innocence. She combines these digital elements with traditional hand-painted designs to capture human emotion and remind us that, despite technological advancements, we are still driven by our emotions.

The collection also features accessories such as retro-futuristic 3D-printed flower sunglasses and bubble bags, blending dreaminess with a spiritual vibe. The bags are inspired by the colors of nature, from sunset pinks and purples to serene blues and greens.

Susan Fang’s Spring/Summer 2024 collection is an artistic exploration of the relationship between nature and AI. Through her designs, she ignites a conversation about the importance of embracing both technology and our innate human emotions. With her signature positivity and craftsmanship, Fang continues to push the boundaries of fashion and inspire audiences worldwide.

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