A Fun and Unique Action RPG: The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails

The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is a spin-off game in the Trails series that offers a fresh take on the franchise. Unlike the mainline games, Boundless Trails introduces new mechanics and gameplay elements, allowing for a more engaging real-time action combat system.

While the story may not have the intricate political and socioeconomic pulls of the main Trails games, it still offers an enjoyable adventure in its own right. The protagonist, Nayuta, teams up with the fairy Noi to collect elemental Master Gears and defeat the evil villain Zechts. The game’s story has a reminiscent feel of classic Final Fantasy games, with a touch of Kingdom Hearts wonder.

The side quests in Boundless Trails play a significant role in bolstering the game’s story. These quests provide further insights into the inhabitants of Remnant Island and Lost Heaven, offering contextual details about their lives and perspectives. Additionally, completing these quests rewards players with useful items and extra gold.

One of the game’s major strengths is its combat system, which deviates from the traditional turn-based battles found in the main Trails games. Boundless Trails features real-time action platforming combat, reminiscent of 2D Mario games. The stages are engaging, and players can slash through enemies while exploring each level.

The stages also offer impressive replayability, with different goals and conditions to achieve three stars on each level. The game rewards players with new skills and special attacks for collecting stars, creating a fun mini-collectathon experience. Seasonal variants of the stages add even more replayability, mixing up environments and enemy variety.

Visually, Boundless Trails uses enhanced 3D character models and charming retro-style graphics. The cel-shading applied to the models enhances their appeal. The game runs flawlessly on the Nintendo Switch, with no noticeable performance issues.

One standout feature of Boundless Trails is the high-speed mode, which increases the overall game speed. This feature allows players to breeze through the critical path, but there is still plenty of content to explore, including a playable epilogue after completing the main story.

In conclusion, The Legend of Nayuta: Boundless Trails is a fun and unique action RPG that offers a refreshing take on the Trails series. While the story may be simplistic, the game’s engaging combat, heartfelt characters, and immersive side quests make it a worthy entry in the franchise.


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