A Complicated and Intriguing Kinetic Sculpture Driven by Motors and Sound

This article features a fascinating kinetic sculpture project by Eirik Brandal that combines motors, sound, and intermittent light. Originally planning to start with a simple project using a CNC router or a laser cutter, Brandal ended up creating a complex and captivating piece of art.

The sculpture, powered by an Arduino Nano Every, includes two motors and eight gears with different cog counts. These gears are connected to LEDs, which are bent and attached to homemade slip rings, allowing the lights to illuminate during the sculpture’s movement.

One unique aspect of the sculpture is the incorporation of sound. A piezo disk is attached to the gears to pick up vibrations and friction, which are then amplified to enhance the acoustic sounds produced by the sculpture.

A demo video showcasing the sculpture’s movement and sound is provided in the original article. Additionally, a separate build video is available for those interested in the construction process.

If you have a fascination for kinetic sculptures, this project is sure to captivate your interest. The combination of motors, sound, and light creates a mesmerizing and intricate display of art in motion.

Source: Hackaday